Training approach

Take your performance to the next level with SKILL

ACA’s Structured Knowledge-Integrated Language Learning (SKILL) program has been designed specifically with professional learners in mind.

ACA – Ateliers de conversation anglaise
Structured Training & Content

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  • Task-based learning
  • Engaging and realistic tasks for professionals
  • Discussions and conversations
  • Training made relevant to the learner’s reality

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Knowledge-integrated practice

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Use skills acquired in the workplace to:

  • improve fluency and accuracy for common tasks performed in a second language
  • develop the use of the second language for more targeted and/or new purposes

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Language Learning

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This approach is focused on form and concept:

  • grammatical form, syntax, vocabulary, verb tenses
  • practical examples and exercises for oral and written expression
  • theory adapted to the participants’ professional environment

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Our exclusive teaching materials

Each one of ACA’s Learn & Perform books has been designed with a specific learning goal, which makes them essential tools to measure your progress.
One completed book = one accomplished goal!

Each book contains:

  • Interactive exercises and activities
  • Theory and discussion topics that apply to the workplace
  • Content and tasks to promote knowledge integration
ACA – Ateliers de conversation anglaise

Mindi, a Learning Platform by ACA

Our online learning platform was tailor-made by ACA’s language specialists to boost your performance in French or English as a second language in real business contexts.

  • Over 5,000 activities adapted to all levels
  • Language theory capsules with grammar explanations
  • Vocabulary, grammar and expression exercises
  • Learning videos
  • Do you need to provide customer service in your second language?
    Or to make a winning sales pitch to an international client?

    Mindi has many videos and exercises that reflect the reality of today’s corporations!

ACA – Ateliers de conversation anglaise

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