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Accurate skills profiles that help you save time!

Our language experts provide thorough second language assessments for your employees or applicants.

These assessments are based on a rigorous and proven method and constitute the first step towards progress!

ACA – Ateliers de conversation anglaise

Top 3 perks
of our language assessments

  • Fast, professional, and affordable
  • Can be tailored to your industry
  • Available for French and English
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Notre mission

  • Réponse spécifique à votre besoin
  • Évaluation exhaustive
  • Formule simple et rapide
    pour la personne évaluée

How does it work?

  • We make sure that we fully understand the objectives and context of the assessment, as well as your industry-specific reality and vocabulary.
  • We determine the number of people to evaluate and schedule the assessments.
  • We conduct a 20-minute individual phone interview with the person to assess their oral level.
  • The individual also takes an online test to assess their level of grammar, spelling and syntax.
  • We send you a professional and detailed report.
ACA – Ateliers de conversation anglaise

Getting the facts right on a linguistic level

Our language assessments are designed to give you a clear picture of how well one or more of your employees or applicants can perform in French or in English.

Thanks to this overview, we can then target the specific needs through private ou en small group courses.

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ACA – Ateliers de conversation anglaise
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